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Robert DeLong
In The Cards
Glassnote Records

“What genre would you say Robert DeLong is?”
“White girl dance music.”

This is my go-to answer for DeLong’s solo-synth jams. And it stands firm with the new album, In The Cards. However, along with the booty-shaking beeps and boops are some new motifs. One one hand, you have some dark 80’s-influenced jams that would be well at home on a Hunger Games soundtrack (see Long Way Down and Born To Break). On the other are a set of tracks that embrace a frantic release of spastic beats and Skrillex-approved robotic fuck sounds (See Acid Rain, Pass Out, and Selling U Somethin.)

The album is good, bordering on great, which is solely because DeLong’s records have yet to capture the raw talent this little shit has. His albums are good, but his live shows are incredible. While Insomniac-friendly DJs may be able to sync up a couple of records, Robert does every piece you hear live. He’s playing drums live, flailing any MIDI controller he can find in the air, playing an actual guitar,all the while singing his tiny little heart out . In The Cards in another album that’s catchy as all hell, and there are still millions of booties that have yet to bounce to Robert’s one-man show.

Here, see for yourself:


Also, anyone remember when HE WAS A GUEST REVIEWER FOR RACKET?!

-Jonathan Yost