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Mondo (the art gallery, not our resident nerd) is releasing the Jurassic Park soundtrack on the sweetest vinyl ever on June 11th, 2014, the 21st anniversary of one of the greatest movies ever made. Ever.

There’s two versions: one that’s going to be pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, but with random Dilophosaurus-colored vinyl instead. I’ll probably get the black one though, as I think that I’m still getting hit with karma for laughing at the kid who fell out of the cart and ate shit at Target. The other version is pressed on clear amber vinyl and is more, huh, art-y. Both can be yours from Mondo’s website starting June 11th and won’t be in stores. Unless you are in Austin, TX, in which case you may be able to grab it from Mondo’s gallery. You bastards.

Just look at the glory: