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Love Grenades
Tigers in the Fire
Modus Vivendi Music

This is a three song EP with three bonus remixes of the titular track, “Tigers in the Fire.” The original version of “Tigers…” is bad, disco-sounding crap, but some of the remixes are pretty catchy, which is a-ok since this is electronica and no one is meant to ever hear the original version anyway. Relax househeadz, I’m half kidding. Of the remixes, the Martin Peter mix has a deep house vibe that I enjoyed. Now, the disco damage mix… Well, that’s something altogether different, now isn’t it? It’s a hard-house or tech-house rendition with good production and nice effects. It would make for a nice floor rocker at about 2:59am. The other two original tracks are the musical equivalent of driftwood washed ashore. “Off to Sea” mentions pirates repeatedly, and while I love the pirate’s life, I’m still displeased with the tune. “Young Lovers” is no better.

By the way, at 29 minutes, this “EP” clocks in at three minutes longer than the full length Virgins album I just finished reviewing. Go figure.

–Luke Toney