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thequilt.jpgGym Class Heroes
The Quilt
Fueled By Ramen/Decaydence

Even though they associate with people who I think represent themselves in a very pompous and overly artsy way, both times I’ve had the chance to chat it up with Travis and the boys, they have been more down to earth and legit than just about any other band I’ve interviewed. That being said, I have both praise and criticism for their new album, The Quilt.

Some of the jams , like Catch Me If You Can and Peace Sign/Index Down are fun and quirky hip-pop, while some, like Live a Little sound like Brit-Pop garbage. Then you have everything from Bel Biv Davoe-esque R&B and some weird weird ska jam that would make Gwen Stefani’s panties wet. It’s the variety that I think is my biggest bitch. Though I commend the fellas for being able to explore various genres and styles, I think that it’s too much in one album and hurts the flow. It comes off as more of a collection of songs written all over the place versus a coherent album.

But, having Busta motherfuckin’ Rhymes does not hurt the street cred whatsoever, and neither does Travis motorboating Katy Perry’s giant titties. Fellas, love her or hate her, you know you’d do it, too. Hell, ladies…you know what’s up. I think another thing I simultaneously love and hate about Gym Class is that they are very unapologetic about fucking around with girls, drugs and tons of other bad influences. Keeping it real? Probably.
-Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost