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61pvak6ay2l_sl160_.jpgDestroy Destroy Destroy
Battle Sluts
Metalblade Records

Fucking epic. When the first drum beats/horns of The Second Coming hit my ears, I honestly did not set my expectations too high – if I wanted to hear a fantasy soundtrack I’d go listen to Howard Shore, and on top of that, when the guitar riff started I was immediately reminded of Randy Rhodes…or..something similarly ‘already done’ and thus disappointing in the prospect of being ‘same old’ (ramble ramble) – at any rate it didn’t thrill me until around track four (The Realm of Ancient Shadows) when I was sort of hit with the epiphany that ‘hey, this is actually kind of epic’ in a weird, reminiscent-of-other-things and yet entirely refreshingly unique ‘battle-symphonic-esque’ metal. Perhaps I’m not making any sense, but to put it bluntly – this record is flat-out pretty badass, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from one so aptly titled Battle Sluts.

-Kim Worpek