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Metal Blade Records

I’ve seen Behemoth live in the past and I have to say I was never impressed with their stereotypical, badass metal style. You’ll see these guys playing with leather suits worn under their metal armor, painted faces, along with big black boots with heels. Their new CD Ezkaton proved my 16-year-old opinionated self wrong… kind of. Their music is very mosh pit acceptable. Walking around to these shrieking sounds coming out of your headphones would be quite difficult without having someone to push or punch. The absolute best way to listen to this album would be to grab about ten of you “friends,” lock yourselves in a room, blast the music, and start kicking ass. Violence seems to be what they’re promoting, but who could tell? The vocals are definition of metal- you can’t understand them.

On a more interesting note, Behemoth did decide to cover Master’s Hammer “Jama Pekel” and The Ramones’ “I’m not Jesus.” Kudos on the song covers… I actually enjoyed them more than the originals. Good luck with all the angry punk kids, Behemoth.

-Damara Kautz