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dearlife.jpgDear Life
The Framework
Uprising Records

Somehow I became worried about my own safety when I started this CD. The same sense of dread that accompanies any live hardcore show crept in. The amount of energy actually captured on the recording of songs I have seen live is fucking intense. Furious guitar work makes me sad about my own musical abilities, while the vocals make me think that I need to be drinking more Jack and Coke. It takes a special kind of hardcore for me to be into it, but when the time came for a second singer to come in and chime in their two cents, which has become all too common as of late, I was greeted not by lyrics that seem to be in some kind of Orc language, but a brutal metal-esque awesomeness. This is not your chugga-chugga hardcore soundtrack for the Bro Nation to beat up nerds to, this is the soundtrack for the bullied to revolt.
-Jonathan Yost