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Animal Names
Let It Been
Boat Dreams From the Hill

First things first, the title is decent. I kinda hate the Beatles so poking fun, whether a sign of praise or not, is a good start.  Secondly, I like to think their name is a jab at nearly every indie band in existence (you know, ‘cuz they all have animal names).  Musically, this falls somewhere between power pop and indie rock and features dual male and female vocals. It’s not all that bad, but nothing spectacular.

While listening, the Promise Ring popped into my head. Turns out this is an acknowledged influence, as the band is specifically mentioned in the included bio. Speaking of the bio, let’s not waste anymore of our precious time on this review, since the band apparently broke up before the album was even released. If paying for albums of bands you are guaranteed to never see live is your idea of a good time, run right out and pick this up.  Also, kudos on the most ridiculous label name I’ve seen in a while.

–Luke Toney