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danny-ross.jpgDanny Ross
One Way

Think Danny Ross, and you think Brooklyn (or, at the very least, lower Manhattan). Since 2006, the native New Yorker-artist-Congressional staffer has made a reputation as a virtuoso artist, part sentimental pianist part rock n’roller, recording his impressions of his corner of the City of Eight Million Stories. But unlike some of his contemporaries, this guy isn’t a generic softie. He’s just as comfortable embracing his inner Beck as much as his inner Billy Joel and it shows on One Way, an album as diverse as the five boroughs, and just as unique.

It’s easy to dismiss the album at first, more at home with vintage Rufus Wainwright or Bruce Hornsby then contemporary adult music. Bit first cuts can be deceiving, as “Country Wind” demonstrates, an out of left field alt-country single that bridges the gap between 90s alt-pop and country rock. The rock-pop-country connection is reinforced with “Already on My Way”, a tune that draws on the harmonica harmonies of Dylan, the country twang of Willie Nelson and the soulful tone of a Norah Jones. Not that he’s unwilling to embrace his pianist side- “Oh Christine” finds him channeling his inner Ben Folds, circa 1999. But as with all things Danny Ross, that’s just a portion of his talent.

While there are some sleeper tracks on this album- “Waiting on the Wheel” and “Go” jump to mind- with so many tracks to choose from, there is something for everyone. This is truly an eclectic album.

At $10.99, this is a tour de force for any music fan.

–John Winn