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The Blakes
Self Released

Souvenir is the latest album by garage rock band The Blakes.  Even before their formation in Seattle, brothers Garnet and Snow Keim were on the road traveling the country writing and playing music anywhere they could, on their way from Maine to Washington, and taking in as many influences as possible in the process. Overall Souvenir is the 5th LP dropped by The Blakes since their formation in Seattle, Washington back in 2001.

Since that creation the Blakes have been fine tuning their garage rock sound with catchy hooks, harmonious vocal melodies, simplistic guitar riffs, and driving drum beats. Although the sounds of the Blakes are somewhat reminiscent of a more classic Brit-rock style, they do an impressive job in making it into their own on this album especially. Soulful melodies like the one in the track”Dog of Sin” are definitely reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, but with a more modern rock’n’roll feel. The driving bass line and harmonious melodies on “Basket” make it one of those rare indescribable songs that simply leave the listener with a great vibe and an unquenchable thirst for more. The song “Next Time Around” is just a great overall hard rock song. Other noticeable influences from this album would have to include the Kinks, as well as Iggy Pop.

The Blakes have had the fortune of touring with the likes of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Wombats, and The Gossip just to name a few. As well as playing numerous festivals nation wide. Souvenir is scheduled for release on October 13th and I’d suggest anyone on the lookout for music reminiscent of a simpler time, or who just wants to hear some great rock’n’roll, to check it out.

–Austin Love