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post10eh9.jpgCity and Colour

Vagrant Records


What. The. Fuck? While Chris Carraba may have kind of lead the way in heavier band front men striking forth to super-personal acoustic albums, Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green dropped the inaudible lyrics and the pedalboard to create City and Colour. You know what? It’s fucking amazing. Where Carraba has gone from acoustic ballads to fucking Spiderman soundtracks, Green strikes a nerve with his haunting voice, gorgeous lyrics and ethereal melodies.

“Day Old Hate” sends shivers down my spine, even after listening to it dozens of times and “Comin’ Home” makes me homesick… and I’m in my effing bed. I do laugh, however, every time I see the title “Hello, I’m in Delaware”. I have somehow managed to turn extremely somber lyrics about playing in front of fans who don’t bother moving into a melodramatic rendition of the plot of Wayne’s World. Don’t ask me how or why, I won’t be able to answer you.

-Jonathan Yost