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Enter Shikari – The Spark – Review

Enter Shikari
The Spark
Release: Sept. 22, 2017

I’ve enjoyed Enter Shikari for a few years, but I wouldn’t have considered myself a fan. After listening to The Spark (on repeat for an entire day), I’m definitely a fan.

Equal parts hopeful anthems and politically charged go-fuck-yourselves, Rou Reynolds and crew tone down the screaming, angsty vocals and are exuding a newfound focus.

From the instrumental title track, it’s evident that, when it comes to symbolism, Enter Shikari mean business. Starting off with a short crescendo, the track ignites an album chock full of songs that make you want to joyously sign along one second, and incite you to call your local congressional representatives the next.

Enter Shikari may be a British band, but our two countries are certainly going through their share of parallel issues, which have all helped feed into Reynold’s songwriting. People may have joked about the shitty state of affairs in British and American politics resulting in great art, but this is it. This is some great art that’s resulted from awfulness.

“I don’t want to take my country back, I want to take my country forward.” – Enter Shikari

While the band has certainly matured, they haven’t lost any of the passion (or generous amounts of synthesizers) found in their previous releases. Reynold’s lyrics are emphasized by the oscillation between a newfound baritone and the higher falsettos I normally associate with the group, a technique that demands your attention, daring you to try not to pay attention.

While The Spark doesn’t come out until late September, they have released an amazing video for the track “Live Outside,” a track that certainly sets the tone of the album.


Enter Shikari - The Spark - Review
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