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amonamarth.jpgAmon Amarth
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
Metalblade Records

I really have zero complaints with this one, it was very fulfilling – you definitely get your money’s worth with ‘Once Sent From The Golden Hall‘. The album screams epic, particularly on track 7, “Amon Amarth”, which serves as a fantastic anthem for the band of the same name, and the bonus track “Siegreicher Marsch” which is fucking brutally awesome. The two-disc reissue consists of 9 remastered tracks and 8 live recordings, every single track well-worth listening to at least once – even the live tracks, and coming from me that’s saying a lot. I’ve never been a fan of live recordings unless I’m there to witness them first hand. This is another one that will become a permanent fixture on my playlist.

-Kim Worpek