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Poster art by Boris Vallejo

Turns out the best villains are the silent steel belted types.  In this film by Quentin Dupieux an isolated desert off-ramp is gripped with terror when a sentient homicidal car tire with an ominous lust for blood and smokin’ babes rolls into town. You would think a rogue killer tire would run people over or something, but you would be wrong, it blows people’s heads up with its telepathic powers.  Why? Because it’s awesome.

Surprisingly artfully shot and self-aware, this movie is all style and sass. Rubber is a hilarious homage to horror and suspense.  Fast women, slow cops, deep focus, and needless explosions- Who could ask for more?  Even the poster is a cheeky nod to classics, and not so classic cult favorites. Before you cross a tire, remember to always look both ways, oh and bring a helmet.

-By Laura Gaddy