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Jim Bianco

Bars across America need a new anthem, and Jim Bianco’s first track off of LOUDMOUTH is the solution.  With lyrics about the fun life you led and no matter the outcome, classic rock style drums, and just enough mandolin to bring out the Irish drunk in everyone, “Sinners” is sure to have everyone, sinner or not, singing.  Jim Bianco is full of wit, heartbreak, lust, comedy, and fun, but all with a great amount of honesty.  “But I Still Want You” tells the truth of something we’ve all been through at one point: being treated like shit by a significant other, but staying regardless.  But it’s not just what he sings about, it’s the passion he puts into his music, and if you ever want to argue that point listen to his vocals; there’s so much soul (and so sexy, too!).  This album is what I love: stripped down instrumentation with slightly offensive, but truthful, lyrics.  The icing on the cake: LOUDMOUTH was completely funded by the fans.

Describing how good LOUDMOUTH is is a challenge, so I’ll say this: I made myself a delicious smoothie, which spilled all over my kitchen floor, and the glass cup that it was in broke and cut my leg. ‘Twas a sad day indeed, until I turned this album on.  A must have when it releases on April 5th.