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I loved Thrice for a long time. I’ve loved cereal for a long time.  I also kinda liked NSync for about 3 days… all these things (along with my mishaps with a CHP officer on the way) are discussed with Guitarist Teppei during our little conversation in SOMA’s backstage area. This is what happens when your laptop dies and you cannot pull up the questions you had typed out to ask. Enjoy…

RacketJeff: I’m going to start off with a question my friend wanted me to ask: Do you guys plan on re-releasing first impressions anytime soon?
Teppei: No… well at least not anytime soon.  That hasn’t even been a discussion with us, so for now I’d have to go with NO. I mean, it was really just a demo. We recorded it ourselves and only pressed like a thousand copies it’s nothing more than a demo to us really.

RJ: If you could be any flavor Starburst to be consumed by this guy (points to RacketBrandon), which would you be and why?
T: Ummm, I dunno man… something yellow, because I’m Asian!
RacketBrandon: Good answer!

RJ: Backstreet Boys vs. Nsync. Who would win and why?
T: I would have to say NSync.
RJ: Why?
T: I dunno man. Justin Timberlake is pretty legit.
RJ: That’s who I’d pick too, for that very same reason… I mean hello! He’s bringing sexy back!  What more do you need?
RB: But wait, Lance Bass is gay, that could be detrimental in their whole scheme of things.
T: Is he gay?
RJ: Yeah, he just came out; don’t you read magazines or watch TV?
T: Actually I don’t watch a whole lot of TV so…
RJ: All you need to do is stand in line at a grocery store. It’s all over the place… c’mon man, I know you get curious and peek at the tabloids while in line… I do!
RB: Yeah they say “Lance Bass: I’M GAY!”
RJ: That’s why I looked dude!
T: Not that it’s very surprising… wait, which guy was he again?
RB: the one that looked gay.
T: OK?
RJ: You know, skinny white dude, bleach blonde spikes, penis in his mouth…
T: Ha-Ha Ok, Ok, I know who, he kinda looks like Nick Carter, right?
RB: Ha-Ha YEP!

RJ: Ok, so you guys are working on your new record, right?
T: Yes
RJ: I read it’s going to be a four part concept album, care to elaborate a bit?
T: Well, basically each disc will be about 8 – 10 songs long representing each one of the elements (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water).  Every record is themed both musically and production wise around that common element, based on what we feel is appropriate for each element. It should be pretty interesting once the final outcome is finished.

RJ: Do you think if you had a bomb, the dudes in Pantera would hang out with you?
T: A bomb?
RJ: Yeah, I heard they like bombs.
T: Really, I wasn’t aware…
RJ: Yeah, I’m really just making shit up as I go…
RB: No, wait… it was on the cover of Teen People! Right under “Lance bass: I’m Gay” it said “Pantera Likes Bombs!” If you missed that issue, you missed out on life is basically what it comes down to.
T: Apparently, jeez.
RJ: Well cool then, Teppei, your thoughts?
T: Sure man, why not?
RJ: Ok, seems like a valid answer to me

RJ: Ok man, what’s your favorite brand of cereal?
T: You know, it’s kind of weird because I like cereal, but I don’t really eat it. My wife eats a lot of cereal, but I really don’t eat it as much.  Buuuuut, if I had to choose I would have to go with Honey Nut Cheerios. (Editor’s Note: Honey Nut Cheerios kick ass, but Cinnamon Toast Crunch is where it’s at. – RacketBoss)
RB: It’s a classic, that’s respectful… Hey, you’re mentioning wife, but I’m not seeing any ring here.
T: Oh, I got this (shows us tattoo on ring finger)
RB: That’s magical.
RJ: Well, I’m a Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy myself. I mean it’s so freakin’ bad for you. It’s covered with sugar and cinnamon… I love it.
RB: Wow, playin’ the wildcard, eh?
RJ: I can’t help it. I’m a fat dude, and I love fattening things! And I can eat like 2 boxes in one sitting with ease! (laughter)
RB: Yeah… well Honey Bunches of Oats and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, all in one!
RJ: That just sounds sick dude, I wouldn’t even eat that! (Editor’s Note: Yes he would. – RacketBoss)

RJ: So, how long has this tour with These Arms are Snakes and Planes Mistaken for Stars been going on?
T: Oh, like little over a week now.
RJ: The bands are all so different.  How have their reactions been during the tour?
RB: Yeah, do different kids show up for different bands?
T: No, not really. I mean, both the bands have such raw presence on stage. They seem to get good reactions. It’s been a pretty rad tour thus far.

RB: Tell us about your drive on the 15 Freeway. (Note: There was a freeway closure and it took us over 4 hours to get to San Diego, so imagine coming from Vegas)
T: I just read a book the whole time. It was actually a pleasant drive…
RB: What book?
T: It’s a book called “Here, There and Everywhere”. It’s sort of an autobiography by this guy Jeff Emerick, the engineer for all the Beatles’ records. It’s pretty interesting.
RJ: Did you hear they were making that movie about Mark David Chapman (the guy who assassinated John Lennon)?
T: They are?
RJ: Yeah
T: Whoa!
RJ: Yeah, Jared Leto is playing the role of Chapman. He gained 60 pounds, and basically lived the life of Chapman. He even went as far as listening to Beatles’ albums backwards while naked in a tub.
T: Creepy.
RJ: Yeah, so I just gave you an ice breaker at Bamboozle (Left) tomorrow!
T: Oh, are they going to be there?
RJ: Yeah, 30 Seconds to Mars.
T: Rad! Ha-Ha

RJ: Ok, I had talked to you at Warped Tour last year, and we had discussed the Chronicles of Narnia coming out.  Did it live up to your expectations?
T: I’ll be honest; it wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. Not that it was a bad movie, but I was expecting so much, and it didn’t live up to the book for me…
RJ: I agree, but I still loved it.
RB: Yeah, when you read the books, it all kind of plays out, but the movie just kinda stuffed it all into one.
T: Yeah, exactly… still a good movie, but I had hoped for a bit more.

RJ: Dustin has a tattoo… it’s in Hebrew I believe. What does it mean?
T: Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

RJ: Ok, so you guys are playing old stuff and B-sides tonight… Any chance of me seeing some T&C?
T: We’re playing a lot of B-sides and stuff we normally don’t play live… but sorry, no T&C.
RJ: Damnit!
RB: Man, you were really looking forward to that!
RJ: I was… oh well…
T: Yeah, that song’s been officially retired.

RJ: What’s next for Thrice after Bamboozle?
T: Just going back to the studio… writing and recording, trying to finish up the record.
RJ: Any tentative release dates?
T: It’s kinda hard to tell at this point; hopefully we’ll have it done by early next year. So hopefully early summer of 2007.
RJ: Who is going to produce this album?
T: We’re actually going to do it ourselves.

RJ: Well that’s pretty much it… we covered the record, covered the tour…
RB: Covered the tattoo
RJ: Yep, Is there anything you wanna ask us or say?
T: So you guys drove from Victorville today?
RB: Yeah, you wouldn’t have noticed though unless you were A: A crack head, or B: A vagrant.
RJ: Yeah the drive was pretty gnarly. I actually got a ticket on the way here.
RB: Yeah, the cop was a dick!
RJ: Yeah, he was a huge jerk. I mean he had someone pulled over and I passed them, next thing I know he had me pulled over. He must have been done with the other schmuck and zoned in on me… He was like a hawk!
RB: Yeah, a chicken hawk!
T: I actually got a ticket on the way to San Francisco once for not having a seatbelt, but I did have my seatbelt on.
RB: Did you fight it?
T: Yeah, but she told me I’d have to go to san Francisco to fight it, so I just paid it off when the ticket came in the mail.
RJ: That’s what happens when you give a woman a badge! Kidding, Kidding, I am not sexist! (Editor’s Note: Jeff loves women in uniform. – RacketBoss)
RB: Nah, nah that’s pretty messed up dude!
T: No, it sucks man; I mean I had my freakin’ seatbelt on.
RJ: Well, you would think they know you aren’t from the area, based on your license and they’d cut you a little slack… they never do.
RB: Tell them your theory man.
RJ: Oh… going with the flow?
RB: Yeah, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life.
RJ: I told the cop I was just going with the flow of traffic.
RB: The he says “The flows not goin’ 91, BRO!”
T: He said that?
RJ: yes! Exact words.
RB: Yeah! Sick Life!

Needless to say their set was met with some technical difficulties, but all in all they played well. I wasn’t too bummed, because I knew I’d be seeing them the next day in Pomona for Bamboozle Left. Also, Teppei was a pleasure to interview.  A bit shy at first, but who could resist two jackasses such as Brandon and me… No one can. That’s who!

By Jeff Curtis and Brandon Kelley