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I called Poison the Well’s Tour manager and met up with him in front of the venue, he grabs the nearest member which happens to be Ryan. Ryan’s pretty chill. We walk to the end of the sidewalk where it’s quiet and no one is near. He then sees an abandoned record shop that were standing in front of and starts talking about all the shit he wants in there. He then warns me about his ADD. The interview was fun nonetheless.

Racket Jordan: Hello, please introduce yourself.
PTW Ryan: Hi, I’m Ryan from Poison the Well.

Racket Jordan: How excited are you to be in Vegas tonight?
PTW Ryan: Pretty pumped, I was here last night, so yeah.

Racket Jordan: Oh, were you? My bad.
PTW Ryan: Staying at the Frontier.

Racket Jordan: Oh, for real? Are you guys big gamblers?
PTW Ryan: Naah, None of us have any money

Racket Jordan: [laughs] What band has non-stop rotation on your i-Pod? I’m assuming you have an i-Pod.
PTW Ryan: Uhh, Bad Brains or Black Sabbath or The Beatles. One of the three B’s.

Racket Jordan: [laughs] Those are all pretty good B’s. How long have you guys been with Ferret Records?
PTW Ryan: Uhh, 6 months.

Racket Jordan: Oh, for real? Who were you on before Ferret?
PTW Ryan: Atlantic.

Racket Jordan: Were they just not doing it for you anymore?
PTW Ryan: Naw, they just didn’t like what we were doing. They just wanted us to be more like adjusted. So we said, “Fuck you,” and it was over.

Racket Jordan: [laughs] Yeah, those 2 words will end any relationship. So, is Ferret pretty good to you guys?
PTW Ryan: Mhhm, they’re awesome. I’ve known most of those guys who work over there for like 7 or 8 years so its like really easy to work with them.

Racket Jordan: That’s cool. I always found it easier to work with people I know personally as well.
PTW Ryan: For sure.
Racket Jordan: So how did you choose who the opening bands for this tour would be?
PTW Ryan: We just wanted to pick bands that we liked and thought were good, and we started you know, going over bands that we knew we liked.

Racket Jordan: That’s cool. That’s cool. What’s one band or musician that you love that no one else would think you liked?
PTW Ryan: Ummm seriously, probably stuff like musicals. Pretty much old music.

[Ryan than goes on to name some of these musicals that I have never heard of so I could not really type them out as I could not understand what he was saying. hahaha]

Racket Jordan: What do you think of illegal music downloading?
PTW Ryan: I don’t really care.
Racket Jordan: You don’t? I know a lot of bands that bitch about it.
PTW Ryan: Buy the record, download the record, I really don’t care. I mean if you really wanna support a band you’ll come see them play.

Racket Jordan: Right, as long as the music is getting out there, basically. What do you yell when someone cuts you off?
PTW Ryan: What do I yell when someone cuts me off? In a car?
Racket Jordan: Yeah.
PTW Ryan: I don’t really drive, but if someone cuts one of my friends off, I’ll probably call him a cock sucker.
Racket Jordan: [laughs] And the reason why you don’t drive is?
PTW Ryan: I don’t really know why.
Racket Jordan: Oh, really?
PTW Ryan: I mean I used to drive. Ryan then winks at me] [Laughs]

Racket Jordan: Used to drive? ….OHHH used to drive. I get it. Who manages the band’s Myspace?
PTW Ryan: Christopher, our drummer.
Racket Jordan: You should yell at him for me, he did not comment me back. [Laughs]
PTW Ryan: [laughs] Call him a bitch! I call him a COCKSUCKER.

Racket Jordan: After playing a show, what is one thing you HAVE to do?
PTW Ryan: Smoke a cigarette. Speaking of that.
Racket Jordan: Is it time to light up now? [laughs]
PTW Ryan: Yup [laughs]

Racket Jordan: What is your opinion on global warming?
PTW Ryan: That shit is horrible, it’s kind of one of the reason’s I’m glad I don’t drive, like I only drive when we’re on tour and at home. Same as my lady, we really don’t drive that much. She’s the only one that has a car. Fuck it, it’s a little car.

Racket Jordan: Shit, those little cars save you up on gas.
PTW Ryan: Yeah, That shit sucks. ‘Specially coming from Florida, its kind of really applicable, cause were gonna be the first state that sinks. Like where I live now, if projections are correct we will be under water in 20 years.
Racket Jordan: Oh shit? Really?
PTW Ryan: Yeah, when it rains really bad, the shit floods out.

Racket Jordan: Have you ever been affected by a huge storm since you live in Florida?
PTW Ryan: No, everything’s been pretty mellow and I have always been away when it happens.

Racket Jordan: Oh, really? What about your girlfriend?
PTW Ryan: [laughs] Yea, she is from the Bahamas.
Racket Jordan: Oh, then she is used to this kind of shit.
PTW Ryan: Yeah, but she has had her house destroyed in the Bahamas.

Racket Jordan: Yeah, that shit is pretty whack. All right, last question. Who has got your vote in the 2008 election?
PTW Ryan: I’m really undecided as of yet, But it’s gonna end up coming down to Asshole vs. Asshole.
Racket Jordan: Like whose gonna lie the most to get the more votes type of shit?
PTW Ryan: It will come down to who I have more in common with, with the type of things I like. I’ll probably vote for Hillary.
Racket Jordan: Yeah that’s who I am leaning towards.
PTW Ryan: Even though she is just as corrupted as everyone else. But it’s like what are you gonna do, ya know. It’s like they give you two people and there both terrible. [laughs] But I guess this one likes less terrible things, so whoever has the same ideas as mine gets my vote.

Racket Jordan: All right sir, sounds good. I’m out.