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As we all know, there are bands out there with little, or no talent at all, but now there is a new group in this big, bad town. Three of the most talented guys you will ever meet bring you the art and inspiration that has been lacking in music for an extremely long time. The Devil’s Orchestra is the next wave of legends, not only in music, but art. The trio brings you sounds like no one else. A dark and epic fantasy that clashes with heavy face melting rock music that you will find no were else. If you don’t believe me listen for yourself. After that come back and apologize to me and the music gods.

TDORacketAbe: Would you guys like to introduce yourselves and tell us what you do?
The Devil’s Orchestra Snake: Snake and I do guitars, pianos keys and shit oh wait can I say that
RA: yah man its Racket mag. [*Emperor’s note: Yea, dumbass. Cuss more.]
S: Well like arrangement and all that stuff
TDO Elmo: Elmo and I play drums and shit and fucking dudes
TDO Rocko: And I am Rocko I play bass and streak and do drugs that I don’t remember and jack random places that I don’t really recall

RA: Please explain to the readers what The Devils Orchestra is and why they should matter? I know you guys aren’t the regular old pop/rock band like a lot of mainstream bands out there today.
E: The Devils Orchestra is trying to take a different approach to music in which we pretty much just wrote this idea for a movie and scored to the emotions. We are an instrumental trio crossing all genres through an orchestra, and on top of it, “bada bing bada boom zip lock” The Devils Orchestra.

RA: What are your biggest influences?

S: The way I look at influences has always been like this; I studied classical composers, however, none of them really had influences they were just emulating their life directly as it was straight up their life and that’s kind of how I am. I’m not trying to write a riff like someone from Zeppelin, its my life, my mood, and how I feel. I never really understood genres, I guess I’m like a typical musician. I write my feelings, colors, and visuals and all that kind of stuff; that’s kind of how we all are. So far as genres or influences go, we are not trying to be particular at all because that’s when you fall into a cave of trying to copy someone and then you get confused. It’s just not authentic.
RA: So basically it’s all Snake, all the time?

S: Yeah, basically.

RA: So, if there are a bunch of hot chicks who gets the ugly one? Who takes it for the team?
R: What the f*** why does it have to be me?
S: Ok you’re safe on this one, I guess, but if she’s fat then she’s yours, but if she’s fat with huge tits then it’s all Elmo.
E: No comment
RA: So there really is no fat chick fucker in the group?

E: Well we kind of go right through them really, like I keep a treadmill in the room.
R: Yeah we will work with the fat girls, we see the good in you we see what’s inside.
E: Yeah, yeah, you are gross now but we can do you like in a month?
ALL: “Hahahahaha!”

RA: Is there anything different that TDO does that maybe you didn’t do with all the old bands?

E: From our past bands we learned pretty everything we don’t want to do. It’s everything we want to do creatively with no one telling us what we can and can’t do.
S: Not only is it art but it’s a profession too you know? For me, the way I see it is that this is a profession and the whole “less is more bullshit” doesn’t really apply I mean go try telling that to Vivaldi or someone and you would have been slapped in the face, if you are going to get a lawyer you’re going to get the bookworm why would you get someone who just plays the part and looks like he would be good. It’s a profession and we take it seriously and are very passionate about it. That’s the main drive for all of us we have always had all these producers and been in these bands where our final product has to be 4 min or under or whatever and we are all more than that and this is our profession and we have a lot more respect than that.
R: Well put I will drink to that!
RA: Shit me too.

RA: So besides this whole movie interpretation/score shit, are you guys going on tour or what’s the deal?

E: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah we are just starting in our home town (L.A.) because this place needs a lot of work, like Hollywood.
S: There is so much competition and all that stuff, but you have to remember that its L.A and this is where everyone comes and tries to do what ever it is that they do but we should all remember that we are all here for the same reason. Like in the Motley Crue days at least they had a community or a scene even if they were a little over the top they still had a community. I feel like its our duty to inspire there are so many kids that just sit at home painting or making incredible music that no one will ever see or hear because there is nowhere for them to go or to feel comfortable. That’s what we are trying to put out there. For instance our first showcase will be called Camerata, which is late 16th century Italian. It means a group of musicians and artists who would do something on their own instead of because of religious beliefs. It was everyone realizing that there was a community and they exposed it and came together and that’s what we are trying to do.
E: We hope everyone will be inspired
RA: At Racket Magazine we really don’t do serious questions, but I feel like everyone should know about you guys and as you said, “be inspired.”
TDO: Thank you!

[*Emperor’s note – Shut up and get to the good stuff, Abe.]

RA: But now what people really want to know……Ass or Tits?!? [*Emperor’s note – thank God]

E: I am confident enough in my decision that I thought about this endless hours to throw out a very confident TITTY!
R: Elmo is definitely the king, I mean the god, I love tits but he is the king. I mean he likes and wants the biggest king size tits you can find I mean like ones you can sleep on and bring the whole family and crash on them.
S: For all those girls who hate their lives and think no one likes you Elmo will make you feel like a goddess
E: Because you are a goddess
S: But me I personally love ass…with nipples.

RA: Favorite Sandwich?
R: Lately, for real, the veggie six inch on wheat at Subway.
E: I swear I just had that an hour ago! No joke, its so good.
R: You get the wheat and then you get the pepper jack cheese, both sides toasted.
E: You’re missing something already.
R: Dude, hold on. Then you get the spicy mustard and the sweet onion teriyaki sauce dude, so what ever, that’s the shit!
E: Note to yourself, next time before they toast it you go “Hold on mother fucker put some onions on that!” That’s the way to go it enhances everything!!!
E: Well I like to get high and get like Ezekiel bread or whatever and then put like jam on it.
S: Are you fucking serious? That’s not a sandwich that’s just toast with shit on top of it.
E: Well what’s the definition of a sandwich? Bread with shit in it!
S: Yeah, two slices. Dumbass.
E: Fuck it! Anything with cheese and onions is going to be right up my alley. Oh, and grilled onions that will make your dreams come true anything with those three ingredients.
S: Pork Chop sandwiches! [*Emperor’s note: google this with GI Joe PSA, those fucking videos are amazing]
ALL: nice..
E: Dude I’ve been a vegetarian and vegan at some points but before that cheese steaks!
S: Pork chop sandwiches!? I was fucking kidding I guess no one got the joke.
E: Philly cheese steaks from Philly, better yet, from Jersey that’s the place to go for a nice cheese steak.
S: Pork Chop sandwiches!!!

RA: What’s currently in the CD player?

E: Record player. I’m old school! I’ve been listening to a lot of Miles Davis recently and I have been changing back in forth from two albums because I don’t want to walk eight feet to get anything else.
S: Right now it would have to be Edvard Grieg In the Hall of the Mountain King is probably my favorite piece, well one of them.
R: Right now I guess it has to be Bill Withers and also Maylene and the Sons of Disaster for sure.

RA: Anything you want to tell the people out there?

S: Well, no, just want everyone to know that we are extremely passionate people and to find something that you really love and gives you chills. To look within yourself and run with it and when you find it then your set.
E: Oh! We are not in any way satanic in any way or religious, but I think we all know if we were the way to go is scientology all the way hands down.
S: Dude you are out of the band!
E: Youtube Tom Cruise and listen to his scientology video and you, my friend, will be a scientologist! Dude knows what he’s talking about. By the way, the moon is our god!
R: The first art show/ performance will be 3-23-08 live artist and music should be a lot of fun in Hollywood at Cinespace.
S: Check out this dude named ABE!
RA: Hahahaha.

E: He can slam margaritas like no other.
RA: I think that’s how every interview should end, talking about me! A treat for the guys of the devils orchestra……….

E: You know who method man reminds me of…….

By Abe Gastelum.

[*Emperor’s final note!: The pictures come from their performance at Camerata. I’m actually pretty intrigued by multiple art mediums inter-mixing, and you should be, too]