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Racket’s own Head Honcho Jonathan stayed up all night talking to Stroke Fire Fall’s Paul. Who the fuck is Strike Fire Fall? Yea, I didn’t know either. Read on and educate yourselves.

Racket: Right now there are two cats fighting in my living room, if you could see two of God’s Creatures fighting, what would they be and why?
Paul From Strike Fire Fall (HA! Rhymes!) :  Haha I was going to try and think of something clever, but id just say two girls, and the reason goes without saying.

R: Yea, I like to see girls get teeth knocked out too. Black eyes are sexy.
Speaking of girls, what celeb would you most like to buy you dinner?
P: Buy me dinner? or me buy them dinner?

R: Buy you, their rich, fuck it.
P: Hmmmm if the dinner leads to making out, then Elisha Cuthbert, if it doesn’t lead to making out, then Dave Grohl

R: Good call. True or false: Hanging out with Dave Grohl, Will Ferrell and Jack Black would be the most awesome thing ever.
P: True!

R: True or false: Lucky Charms own, with a p.
P: Lucky Charms absolutely own

R: While I think of another question, you ask me one.
P: True or false: racket magazine owns?

R: True. Very extremely true.  I need to use the word flimflammed more often. What’s up with the name? It’s pretty violent with all the Striking and Fire and Falling. Also, my cousin brings up an interesting point, I always read Strike Fire Fall as Strike Fire Wall. I’d like to strike Paul Wall. With a truck.
P: Haha flimflammed is a great word The name thing always comes up, if we knew we’d get so many questions about it we probably wouldn’t have named ourselves it.

R: Yea, it’s stupid. It’s not too late to change it. But there are worse names out there. Creed. Hawthorne Heights. Wait, those are just shitty bands.
P: But we’ve told so many people so many different things I don’t even know what to believe myself. I guess you’re going to have to come up with your own meaning! There’s def some bad names out there.  I hate Hawthorne Heights.

R: So you’re liars, got it. What’s your musical guilty pleasure?
P: Def not Hawthorne Heights, they are horrible!

R: Thank you. I hate them so bad.
P: I concur!

R: Of course you do. What do you want people to know about you guys?
P: Well, we won the Takeover Records Sign My Band Contest, which is how we got signed, which is obviously not the normal way most bands get signed, so I’d say I want people to know that just because we won a contest doesn’t mean we’re not as passionate about music as any other band, and it also doesn’t mean we didn’t deserve it because if we didn’t win that contest we would have found another way to get ourselves out there.

R: That’s a sweet ass prize. I won a pen at work. How much free shit do you get from other bands that you play with?
P: Hmmm I guess it depends on how much they like you or you can trade shit too, which is always fun since bands are usually poor.

R: The Barter System, that should be your new band name. What CD have you been listening to a bunch?
P: Lets seeeeeee the Cure’s greatest hits is in my CD player right now

R: Do you guys get any groupies?
P: Haha, sometimes. Why, do you want to make out with some of them?

R: No, my girlfriend’s hot as hell, I was curious as to how infuriating it must be for all the groupies that want to do you to be in middle school.
P: Congrats on the hot as hell girlfriend! Yeah they’re all pretty young! It must be nice to be in a band like the Chili Peppers or U2 so u can make out with girls over the age of 21

R: Weaksauce.
P: So weak

R: Well, I’m out of questions; if you have any questions, comments, hopes, dreams or aspiration, speak up now. I’m about to post my bigoted views about all of the immigration protests on MySpace.
P: I don’t have anything off the top of my head other than Racket Mag rules!

R: You’re goddamned right it does.