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sing-it-loud_008733_1_mainpicture.jpgI ran into Pat Brown, the singer and guitarist for Sing It Loud, by chance while hovering by the Epitaph tent. He had been signing autographs; this was my chance to steal him away for an interview. He cordially accepted my offer.

RacketAnn: Hey Pat, thanks for talking with me today. Let’s start off with you telling me a little bit about what you guys are doing here at Bamboozle Left?
Pat Brown: Well let’s see, this is our first ever headlining tour along with The Friday Night Boys, The Morning Light, Artist vs. Poet, and The Summer Set. All bands here at Bamboozle. This is a bit crazy.

RA: Yeah I bet! I saw you speaking with a little old lady earlier, is she one of your many fans?
PB: Oh! That’s my grandma actually, her name is Bardy and all her friends call her Party Bardy, and just recently since turning twenty-one I have discovered why they call her Party Bardy! Basically she is a really cool grandma.

RA: That is pretty awesome, go grandma! Does she come to your shows often?
PB: She is actually from Minnesota; she called me at like 8am this morning and was like, “What are you doing?” And I was like, “I’m still in bed,” and she told me to wake up because she is in LA and coming to my show! I was so excited.

RA: Man what an awesome surprise! So where will you guys be headed after this?
PB: After this we are headed to the UK with the band Cobra Starship, then after that we are doing the whole Warped Tour- we are going to be on the Hurley stage. It’s our first Warped Tour ever, so that should be interesting.

RA: Yes, Warped Tour is definitely…well…like summer camp but better! So, you guys are in California quite often then?
PB: Whenever we are in California we are always here for about a day or two. Our label is out here and so is our booking agent and everyone we work with are pretty much out of LA, but when we come to California we always get to meet a lot of cool people and bands. We go to the beach, we love it out here. I totally want to live out here someday.

RA: Yeah Cali is definitely something else. What do you think about the music scene out here versus anywhere else?
PB: I think it is very different. I mean the scene out in Minnesota is kind of like behind the times. Like when we play in Minnesota everyone freaks out and goes crazy, but out here it seems that a lot of people come out to the shows but everyone seems a lot more mellow.
RA: Really? Don’t let the crazy mosh pits fool you.
PB: Haha, well to our music it seems like every one sort of bobs their heads, but then again we haven’t played a huge amount of shows out here so it may be different.

RA: What do you think about all of these young fans coming out here today, a lot of them with their parents, to see you perform?
PB: Yeah, it’s crazy, all these kids come out and see you, I mean just seeing the line for autographs is overwhelming. I feel like, “Wow, you’re here to see me? And to meet me?” And ya, these people are like thirteen, fourteen and I’m like twenty-two. It’s crazy but it definitely makes it worthwhile!

RA: I bet! Well thanks Pat, it looks like your fans are waiting!
PB: Thanks to you too, I’m glad I got a chance to talk to Racket!

–Interview by Anastasia Krotova