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toymachineboards.jpgRacketWes is one of the newer additions to Team Racket, and I gotta say, dude’s on his A-Game. Having done interview with Marty Murawski, Silas Baxter-Neal and Ed Templeton, I would have thought he’d been doing a grand ol’ job there. However, Wes had a little chat with the peeps over at Tom Yeto, and got a gaggle of gifts, so now he’s even higher in the graces of the Emperor. We’re breaking this up into three parts, because, well, they sent us three different chunks o’ stuff.

First up is the decks they sent us. Now, I am not a skater, so I graded these things solely on how rad they looked. Everything they sent us was rad, but The Butcher robot deck is by far my favorite, and for several reasons. One, it has a fucking robot on it, and anyone who knows anything knows I love robots. Two, it is wide as fuck. I made some crack about the Diego board having extra girth, and Wes thought it was humorous, so yea, Diego required his board to have extra girth, why is anyone’s guess. Last reason: no, seriously, I love robots.

Both the Diego robot board and the Ed Templeton pink dancy-thing board were obvious reasons to get a couple pretty girls together and take pictures of them together. All in all a complete success. We not only got some rad skate decks to make my block long journey to 7-11 even easier, but we convinced real live girls to be around us. Score.

-The Emperor

Photos by Edd Flynn

Thanks, Edd!