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nrdfitVery recently I was turned on to the existence of a nerd themed cross fit gym simply called NRD FIT. Seeing what they did there I felt this was something I had to check out being that I am one who both frequents the gym in my spare time and is a huge nerd. So I emailed the head of this marvelous space about coming in to train for the day and do an interview for the MiMoCast. The head of the gym, Andrew Deutsch, was very into the idea and invited to come down to train with him this past Sunday. The interview will be a big part of Episode 8 of the MiMoCast but I felt that I should write about my experiences as well to give a perspective on the gym i can’t quite accomplish with the MiMoCast.

As I came to the gym I was greeted by Andrew and his partner Marla who were nothing but smiles as I filled out some quick paperwork. Somehow I was one of the first people there as I was good 15 minutes early despite waking half an hour late. As more people trickled in everyone was very friendly and introduced themselves, something I really appreciated. The class itself was only about 8 of us but the small size helped Andrew help make sure we were working out correctly( by we I mean me). Andrew was able to keep track of our movements and help tweak someone’s form if he needed to. We started things off with a push press and having no proper experience with doing a push press I was horrible at it. With his help I was able get somewhat decent at the lift. Obviously I’ll have to practice a bit more in my spare time to really get it down but without Andrew’s guidance I could picture trying to learn the same lift on my own and potentially injuring myself.

TR WODGet your ass to Mars…

After our warm up came the themed workout of the day. This week’s theme was the cinematic classic, Total Recall. As you can tell from the picture above it was a rather fun experience. Not so much if you were unlucky during the recall memory selection and chose a bad memory. However, even those who chose burpees managed to get through the workout and still have some fun with it.

For those looking at the image and are a bit lost I will explain. Basically we would take the set of exercises, complete the required amount of reps in one minute or less, and then repeat that cycle a total of 5 times. We would get a small break in the between 5 minute intervals where we would pick a memory, in this case a workout, and do that workout for a minute. I lucked out both times and didn’t get anything too overwhelming. Perhaps next time I won’t be so fortunate.

RINGS!Just a couple of nerds working out. Peep ya boy in that CM Punk shirt!

At the end of my workout I was hooked. I knew that I wanted to come back again and although I can’t make trips to NRD FIT a daily routine due to distance I am definitely making trips every Sunday a part of my weekly schedule. I had a lot of fun , met some new people, and was able to get a workout that was challenging but not overwhelming.

For those of you in the LA area looking for a fun way to become more active and fit while hanging out with fellow nerds, this is the place to be.