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LaDispute_RoomsOfTheHouseLa Dispute

Rooms of the House

Better Living



La Dispute debut their 3rd full length album this week, the first on their own label Better Living, and it is easily my favorite from the band’s catalog. I’ve always enjoyed enjoyed the band and the music they release to varying degrees but with Rooms of the House I think I am finally sold 100%.

Perhaps what I enjoy most about the record is how much I learn about the state of Michigan through googling song titles. A prime example is the first track, “Hudsonville MI 1956”. Under normal circumstances I would never have learned of the tornado outbreak of April 1956. I’m from southern California and I was born in 1988, it’s not something I would ever need to know about. More importantly but through this song we are able to place ourselves in a scenario that many faced during this event in history. Granted this writing style is nothing new for Jordan but to see him employ this method for years on end and still be able to keep it fresh is rather impressive.

The band makes sure to keep the tempo of the record varied to help it avoid sounding monotonous. Although slower jams more common throughout than one would expect you still get an album that has the bite of previous releases while embracing the bands softer side. La Dispute has always made sure to throw in a slower jam or two but this time I feel they chose to step a bit out their comfort zone by having so many of the songs be on the slower side. A move that I definitely think was for the better.

La Dispute once again illustrate why they continue to dominate the scene with this record. Rooms of the House could easily be the record to take the band to the next level in their career. Longtime fans will not be disappointed and those wanting to get into the band will find this release a fantastic starting point. I recommend you pick this one up sooner rather than later.