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Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day where you are contractually obliged to do SOMETHING with your significant other. Tired of year after year of awkward dinners (remember that year where you ended up sitting across from your ex at Benihana and snorted a little too loud when the chef launched a vegetable down her cleavage?) and looks of stifled disappointment (I said my favorite color was CRIMSON, not SCARLET!), well, throw out the old playbook altogether and show your girl (or guy) that you really care by taking her to see some good ol’ fashioned sex and violence… ¡EN ESPANOL!

This Valentine’s Day, Lucha Va Voom at the Mayan Theatre is where you two lovebirds should be, in-between watching sweaty men in masks beat each other up, there’s burlesque stripteases by some of the finest ladies in the biz, including the lovely Michelle L’Amour. While there MAY be some explaining to do on why you had a hard-on even when the stripteases were going, the obvious plan of attack is to body slam your lover…on to the bed. ¡OLE!

Tickets available at ticketweb.com and our outlets:
Wacko, 4633 Hollywood Blvd
BRAT, 1938 14th St, Santa Monica
Garage Pizza, 100 1/2 West 7th Street, Downtown LA