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dangergirl.jpgCharlie’s Angels, 007 and Indiana Jones is what I would compare the awesome comic Danger Girl too. It has all those rolled into one, with all the witty banter back and forth, the action, the adventure and the cheesy yet funny one-liners. Oh, and not to mention gorgeous curvy women to boot! Yep, the art is pretty realistic as to how everyone is drawn, not the fake “Barbie girl” image you tend to see in comics nowadays. They have all the curves in all the right places. Danger Girl has something for guys (as I mentioned) and girls. The great thing about the comic is that its one of the few comics that women can get into as well. These characters are tough gals who can take care of themselves with a little help from Deuce (Their “Charlie”) and Barracuda, an arrogant agent with good looks and cheesy one-liners. These broads can kick ass and take names. It’s about a gal (Abby Chase) who is recruited by a team called Danger Girl…..led by Deuce. In the team you have several vixens; Sydney Savage (Just like Indiana Jones) she’s great with a whip and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Natalia who’s an ex KGB with a specialty of knives; the toughest out of the foursome….don’t piss off this Russian. Silicone Valerie; the youngest yet the smartest out of the four (tech wise), who says you can’t have beauty and brains? Last but not least Abby Chase, a relic hunter, she knows her mythology and she looks for ancient artifacts and is the gal the comic tends to revolve around. In this comic you have secret agents, spies, ninjas and Nazis all rolled into one comic….with a midget that looks like Tattoo.

-The Reverend Rex Malone