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Brew FestThe Heroes Brew Fest was an event I stumbled upon accidentally while searching the internet for events to attend in the area of San Diego Comic-Con but not part of the Con. Seeing a beer fest that was encouraging attendees to suit up in their cosplay seemed right up my alley. So after some quick emails I was able to get set up with a press pass for the event and enjoy all it had to offer. However, due to my own incompetence I got lost on the way there on top of already having a tight schedule that day.

So once I actually showed up to the festival and got checked in I played a game called, ” How much booze can Mondo drink in an hour.” The answer for those of you wondering is I can drink 60 ounces in 60 minutes. No easy feat as there was a plethora of breweries to choose from. Unfortunately I can’t quite remember the specific beers I had but I do remember a few of the breweries I hit up. Some of the fine breweries I hit up include but is not limited to: Pizza Port, Ballast Point, and Mission Brewery. You know, the locals.

bee-yuhI told them one of everything please. The Norsewoman fucked me up like I knew she would

As things got really underway I kind of wandered about aimlessly and separated from Yost, both of us too busy drinking as much beer as we possibly could to really care about each other’s plans. I mostly shcmoozed and boozed while he took pictures and did cute couple shit with his fiance. Overall I think we both accomplished what we set out to do while having a damn good time. I ended up getting vegan sliders with some collard greens and potatoes at one point which is always a win in my book if you ask me. As I socialized with the people around me I saw that a fair amount of those attending the festival were first timers but enjoyed the atmosphere enough to want to come back next year. At one point I even ran into some old friends while boozing up. I don’t remember much of what was said other than something about Suicide Girls, working out, and boobs. Ya know, Mondo stuff.

selfie with beerI’ll drink this beer but let me take a selfie first

Beerfest23Now that I’ve discussed all the fun, not so serious stuff I want to get serious for a minute but only a minute.   The beerfest worked in conjunction with the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station to help raise funds for the non-profit organization. The organization itself works with four groups of veterans: those with traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder, the seriously injured, and the medically retired. They vow to be ” a hand up not a hand out” in helping these veterans make the transition back into civilian life which I find to be awesome.

So if the promise of a divine selection of beer didn’t sell you on attending the 2015 incarnation of the festival perhaps that will. If anything do it for Duff Man and Duff Gal!

Beerfest13Duff Man and Duff Gal want to you party, next year!