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With 2013 coming to a close at the stroke of midnight tonight it seemed fitting to make a list of our more anticipated releases for 2014. Granted there are plenty of records that have yet to be announced there are still plenty that have been that have this racketeer eagerly awaiting the new year. From some up and coming younger bands to the grizzled veterans it seems like 2014 is set to be a stellar year for music. At the very least it’ll be a good year for ska and let’s be honest, when was the last time ska had a good year?

Diamond-Youth-Shake-EP-cover10. Diamond Youth-Shake: Diamond Youth put out their EP, “Orange”, this February and it was one of my favorite releases of the whole year. From what I have heard of the two singles released thus far the upcoming EP will easily top this year’s release. The band has been on fire the past 2 years and I’m excited to see what they can accomplish in the new year.


Nsmb-mystery-block9.The Aquabats-Not Yet Titled: This one hasn’t been titled or even announced yet but The Bat Commander talked about it in our interview from earlier this month. So not necessarily guaranteed to come out in 2014 but it seems more likely that it will than not. Now Hi Five Soup wasn’t my favorite release but I have faith The Aquabats can put out a solid release, especially on the cusp of their 20th anniversary.


Metropole8.The Lawrence Arms-Metropole: Almost a decade after “Oh! Calcutta!” The Lawrence Arms finally got around to putting out a new album. I don’t know if anyone saw this record coming. Matt Allison produced it, Epitaph is putting it out, and the first single is a Chris track. So far things are looking good for this one.



you're gonna miss it all7.Modern Baseball-You’re Gonna Miss It All: Modern Baseball put out the biggest sleeper hit of 2012. “Sports” came out right in the final weeks of that year and so most people didn’t hear it. Then in 2013 everyone found out about one of the best debut records in the past 5 years or so and the band has blown up since. I can only expect the follow up to be just as good.


MUSTARD_PLUG_cover_1400_1024x10246.Mustard Plug-Can’t Contain It: Mustard Plug was a band I never got too much into back in my ska kid days. They had a few jams here and there but I just couldn’t find a record of theirs I loved from start to finish until “In Black and White” came out back in 2007. The band put out these amazing songs that I really identified with and I loved it. I feel the follow up will continue the path they started with that record, specially since No Idea is putting it out.


bed is a boat5.The Slackers-My Bed is a Boat: The Slackers have a new ep coming out sometime next summer as part of a wave of releases they have planned for the year. Included in the mix are a cookbook and a double lp re-release of Wasted Days. The EP, however, is the first new release of new music from the group in about 3 years which is way longer than I would have liked to have wait. The Slackers are easily the best active ska band in the scene today and for awhile they were releasing music all the time. Hopefully things will pick up once again with this new ep.


community support4.Bruce Lee Band-Community Support Group: Mike Park makes his return to the ska scene after an almost decade long hiatus. The Bruce Lee Band, now in it’s 3rd incarnation, has an 7-inch ep set for January and it’s the bands first release in almost a decade. This time around Mike is sharing vocal duties with Jeff Rosenstock of Bomb the Music Industry and Arrogant Sons of Bitches. Quite easily every ska-punk fans ultimate wet dream.

You-Blew-It-Keep-Doing3.You Blew It-Award of the Year Award: Besides having a funny name the record is the sophomore full length from Florida’s You Blew It.¬† Having heard an advance stream of the record I know that this one is going to be amazing already. Doesn’t mean I’m still not counting the days until I can own this sucker on vinyl. Also, did I mention¬† it was produced by Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It.

slide2.Fake Problems-Not Yet Titled: Not much is known about this record other than the fact that the band recorded it this past year with Ted Hutt. No one knows when it’s coming out, what its called, nothing. What we do know is that the punkest band in America are biding their time to unleash this monster. The Fakey P’s put out the best album of their career back in 2010 and I can only assume this will take the place of “Real Ghosts Caught on Tape”.


trans blues1.Against Me-Transgender Dysmorphia Blues: Like with You Blew It’s record I’ve already heard an advance stream of this and I have to say holy shit is it good. This record has been delayed so many times and we were all worried it might not come out for a minute but now it’s less than a month away and the anticipation is killing me. Stream or not nothing beats putting on a good record on the turn table. Laura poured her heart and soul into this and it shows.