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27604189.JPGSave Me From Myself/ Washed By Blood
Brian “Head” Welch
HarperOne Publishing

Wow. What a complete middle finger to fans of Brian “Head” Welch. If you have been in college, then you know this racket:

Your English class requires the 10th edition of a book. The tenth edition is $100 while the 9th edition you can get used for $15. What’s the difference? The chapters are in a different order and the study questions are different, but honestly, how much has the English language changed in the past year? Head, formerly of Korn fame and now of Left-Korn-for-God-but-still-makes-music-that-sounds-just-like-Korn fame gives you his second book: THE SAME EFFING BOOK! Serious. I can hand Save Me From Myself to one person, and then I start reading from Washed By Blood and we read, in unison, the entire first three pages. It’s not til a little bit later on that you notice any difference.

Now, Washed By Blood is a “clean version” of Save Me From Myself. What’s the point? Honestly, if you are trying to show the despair you faced dealing with Jonathan Davis on a daily basis, you aren’t going to cuss? Get out of my ass.

-Jonathan Yost