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monsters-vs-aliens-yahoo1.jpgMonsters Vs. Aliens 3-D
DreamWorks Entertainment
3 /10

Despite what you would think Monsters vs. Aliens isn’t an epic battle-royale , down and dirty brawl, between space-beings and mutants like you might expect. Monsters vs. Aliens is not necessarily for kids, to the point it seems like they weren’t even the target audience. The jokes in the film were unfunny, the humor fell flat, and the action was not that “cool”. Sure, there’s fighting, but the action seems almost supplemental. The film is basically a 40 foot woman’s quest to not marry the wrong guy.

If you see this movie in theaters you’ll probably enjoy the 3D. I’ve gone to see just about every 3-D flick that has come out recently, and this one seemed to make some of the best use of the effect. It didn’t feel overly gimmicky or become a distraction. The film though is hardly what you would call “good”. It’s really a pretty terrible movie, hovering somewhere between a 2 and 3 out of 10. It even manages to waste the talents of Steven Colbert, Will Arnett, and Hugh Laurie. Seth Rogan’s role as the gelatinous blob is basic but likeable.

The movie itself is oddly creepy. As it progresses it ends up feeling more and more like a pop-up book of phobias. The Freudian fans can have a field day with this one. The message to the kids seemed to be: Stand-up for yourself, avoid dysfunctional relationships, and get therapy.

Speaking of creepy, the bride-to-be Susan’s eyes were downright terrifying! I actually grimaced and winced as they assaulted me from the screen, at times almost having to look away. They tame down a bit after her transformation, but they still are pretty ghastly.

My advice to you -Don’t come into this movie expecting much.

-Laura Gaddy