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DSC_0339Many  moons ago I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Against Me for what I believe was the 28th time in my life. During that 28th show there is one thing that I was reaffirmed of that evening. Against Me fucking kills it every single time. It’s a constant in life like similar to how it’s always a good time for a burrito, which I sadly did not have that evening otherwise it would have been such a perfect event I could have died there and been ok with it. However, in spite of the lack of burrito I did have some tacos that were killer so I can’t complain.

In fact, the only real bummer of the evening was when I showed up late due to leaving my wallet at work and missed Annie Girl opening up. I was pretty bummed out but I only have myself to blame. On the brighter side of life, I still made it in time to see Cayetana put one of their best sets to date. They were even willing to satisfy my slightly drunken request of “Serious Things Are Stupid”. Those ladies are working on some new music and always touring so if they come to your town, GO SEE THEM. And when they finally release a new record, GO BUY THAT SHIT.

After Cayetana wrapped up their set there was some down time during which I procured some alcoholic beverages that I may or may not have drank too quickly.  It helped with the anticipation I always have right before the headliners go on. Thankfully Against Me was very punctual and I didn’t have to wait longer than necessary. At this point in their career they can’t play every single song you want to hear in a set list because there are just too many bangers. However, regardless of what song may or may not have been excluded the set was perfect. The energy the crowd gave to the band they gave back to us and then some. Everyone on, and off, stage was bouncing and having the best time of their life. Things got emotional too, at one point I cried but that’s how you know it was a damn fine show.

In fact, at the time of the show I was in a bit of a rut and being there reminded me that while things may not be the best the world can still be a beautiful place if we just know where to look. And for me, that place is at a punk show or in this particular case, an Against Me show. Unfortunately Laura announced that the show would be their last for awhile but that while on this break they would be working on a new record. So while it’s going to be a long wait  until I can see my favorite band again I am ok with that knowing that when they do come back it will be to support a new record and that is basically t he best gift ever.

Pictures by Sara. Sorry about the lag here. Rad a rough go at life couple with writers block. However, I am back and better than ever!