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The Measure (SA)

            The Measure (SA)’s new album Notes has easily been one of my most anticipated releases of 2010 and quite honestly it was everything I expected it to be. A fun, energetic punk album fueled by sincere and powerful lyrics.

            Lauren has easily become one of my favorite lyricists over the past few years and on Notes she doesn’t disappoint. Present is her brand of powerfully descriptive lyrics that place the listener in her own shoes to the point you can almost feel the social awkwardness first hand. What always impresses me is that even with her descriptive lyrics Lauren is still able to implement a catchy chorus in several of the songs ensuring that sing a longs will be had no matter what.

            I will say though one aspect I did not like was Bass player Fid’s vocals. It’s not so much that he is a bad vocalist but the actual quality of his vocals is somewhat disappointing. I’m not exactly sure why there is somewhat of a sonic difference between his vocals and Lauren’s, I assume that it has to do with a choice in microphones but I can’t really say for sure so I won’t make assumptions. Regardless of what is being done to produce the difference in sound I can say that genuinely dislike it. Though I do enjoy Fid’s vocal contributions live, so nothing against him or his vocal capacity.

            Overall I would say the album is quite enjoyable and the lyrics are some of the best I’ve heard in years. So if you’re into pop punk this is a must have album to add to your collection. Even if pop punk isn’t your thing you should still look into getting the album before the year is over as it’s probably one of the most fun albums to come out in quite some time.

-Armando Olivas