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The Black Pacific
The Black Pacific
SideOneDummy Records

Black Pacific’s self-titled debut album has reminded me why I grew to dislike Pennywise so much over the years despite them being one of my favorite bands growing up. Now before you think that I hate this album I want to let you know that my feelings are quite the opposite. I actually really enjoyed it a great deal. However I do have to make somewhat of a comparison to Jim Lindberg’s old band in order to help people understand where I am coming from.

After several years it felt like Pennywise was basically putting out the same record time and time again. So when I initially received this album I expected to be able to write off the band very quickly. However this is not the case with Black Pacific’s debut. Jim and his new band were able to bring a completely new sound to table and  has rekindled my love for his music.

The sound Black Pacific creates is a more mainstream alternative rock approach and is a bit different than what I normally listen to. However, it works for the band and strangely enough appeals to me. Perhaps the change in cast was exactly what Lindberg needed in order to get the creative juices flowing in the right direction once again.

My only real complaints lie in the quality of the vocals and the quality of the lyrics. The way the vocals were recorded and produced sounds very odd to me, though this factor isn’t enough to drive me away from listening to the album. I just naturally assume that the songs will sound much better live, all the more incentive to go out and actually see the band. As far as the lyrics go, they don’t reflect the pinnacle of Lindberg’s song writing career, but they definitely are some of the best he has put out in the past decade. I would recommend picking up the album.

-Armando Olivas