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Cokie The Clown /My Orphan Year EPs
Fat Wreck Chords 8/10

You know what, I dislike Fat Mike. I do. A fair amount. Everytime I have met him he has left a bad impression. But I fucking love NOFX. It doesn’t hurt that I think Melvin is cool as fuck, but still. Between the nostalgia of simply being NOFX and the actually really fun songs, they have a serious set of EPs. “Straight Outta Massachusetts,” the final track on the Cokie EP, is the epitome of the sing-along nonsense I have long loved NOFX for. It’s just a fun set of tunes. While Cokie is straight through punk, My Orphan Year has “Fermented and Flailing”, which I assume was titled after Fat Mike’s drink of choice and Melvin/El Jefe’s guitarwork, and “My Orphan Year,” an acoustic version of the same track from Coaster. It sounds introspective, which weirded me out. As I didn’t enjoy one song outta five, they get a combined 8/10.

–Jonathan Yost