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Horror Squad
Friar Tuck’s

Last night I went to see my friends from the Horror Squad play in a castle shaped bar. It was hot, smoky, and punk rock. I even met a guy named Yoshi who had a Yoshi face tattooed on his neck! Cool kid.

Tonight was the night they were to debut their newest member, Vicente the cowbell player, but we’ll get to that later. The guys opened with “We’re All Gunna Die Anyway” and away we went. It’s hard to stay planted in one spot at a Horror Squad show. The music will getcha eventually. Once “Walk Away” started up so did the pit. People were everywhere; dancing, jumping, throwing fists in the air like they just didn’t care…It was beautiful.

“Greenthumb Girl” is the slow jam and if you aren’t skankin’ to that song I don’t want to know you. It’s so fun. Whether you smoke or not (like me ‘cause drugs are bad and illegal and I would never) you can’t help but groove to that sweet, sweet bass line. Vicente beat that cowbell like it owed him money in “Django Kill”. It was impressive. The thing I love about the Horror Squad is that they get better and better every time I see them. Sure, that tends to happen to many bands or so I’ve heard, but with them it’s consistent. I have not been to a bad show. You can’t even compare what they have up on their Myspace at www.myspace.com/thehorrorsquad to what they sound like on stage and in the flesh. They will rock your faces and/or your panties off. That is depending on whether or not you have already thrown them onstage. See for yourselves at Chain Reaction on July 13th. Tickets are only $10. You’re gunna spend that money on something stupid anyway. Might as well see a cool show. ~Sarah Why