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The music industry is filled to the brim with people who have no business being anywhere near music. I honestly think that some label execs don’t have CDs/tapes/records in their homes. Rey Roldan is the complete opposite. This is a guy who I’ve sat with and talked with, spitting my complete and utter bullshit at for an hour before we even got to the business-y reason I called him. Which was probably to get into a show for free or something. Free shows are awesome.

Anyways, his pad had recently caught on fire, scaring the living shit out of him (and probably his dogs). Long story short, dude got shafted out of insurance, and is boned when it comes to having to repair his home. The rad people at Paper and Plastic, along with 41 artists, have joined together to offer a digital download for giving them your hard-earned money. Or your government-handout, they really aren’t that picky when it comes to where the money comes from. The compilation includes jams from The Sounds, Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music, MC Lars and a shit-ton of other, equally amazing artists.


Click ->HERE<- to go get it!

-Jonathan Yost