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fightingthevillain.jpgFighting the Villain
First Impression
PopSmear Records

Terrible, cookie-cutter, MTV punk-pop (unlike mass media who co-opted the term, I will not refer to this stuff as pop-punk. I reserve that name for the Ramones-core bands originally dubbed as such), emo or whatever the hell they are calling it these days. Equal parts Coheed and Cambria and the stuff collecting in the bottom of your clogged up disposal system, the band features a female vocalist who is perhaps its only saving grace because she can actually sing. Be that as it may, I find absolutely nothing about this album appealing. I will never listen to it again, a fact that I will not lose sleep over.

Harsh? Maybe, but it’s time some people learned just because anyone can put out an album these days, doesn’t mean just anyone should. So many bands are rushing to make releases because of the ease of putting out a CD with the advances in home recordings and such, most of these young bands don’t bother to take the time to come up with a batch of songs that are actually worth recording or performing live. At least these kids had the sense to release an EP instead of an entire album, even if that EP clocks in at 20 minutes long, just five minutes shorter than Nobunny’s epic Love Visions LP.

-Luke Toney