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austin-lucas-somebody-loves-you.jpgAustin Lucas
Somebody Loves You
Suburban Home Records

Should I have kids, THIS is the country music they will be forced to listen to. Not the Clint Fuck Black or Garth Puke Brooks my aunt tried to get me to listen to in high school after she got me hooked on Dead Kennedys and Subhumans in middle school. More Johnny Cash than white trash, Austin Lucas weaves tales of forgiveness, love and being a man. None of this revel-in-my-trashiness-no-shoes-no-shirt-no-problems horse shit. Nor is there any of that machismo in glitter garbage than passes as mainstream country these days. Austin Lucas shows that he is a real songwriter, a real craftsman. From the first wail of Lucas’ voice in the title track, I was hooked. Fucking hooked.

–Jonathan Yost