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ancient_astronauts-we_are_to_answer_b.jpgAncient Astronauts
We Are To Answer

Now, it may have been a preconceived prejudice, but I would never have assumed that a duo of German producers would be able to put together a mix of hip hop, afro beat, reggae and funk like they did for We Are To Answer. The fact that they did it well enough to pull in the likes of The Pharcyde and Raashan Ahmad highlights just how legit they actually are.

Free-flowing between lush, layered soundscapes and tracks perfect for your party playlists, Ancient Astronauts have delivered a solid batch of jams in one easy location. But, my praise is also my main concern- We are To Answer comes off as more a compilation album than an album by the same group. There is no unifying theme, sound, or aspect of it. But, for casual listening, or to pull tracks off of it for various compilations of your own, this is where it’s at.

–Jonathan Yost