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rattlesnake-a-static-lullaby-cd-cover-art.jpgA Static Lullaby
Fearless Records

If I were to do this review five months ago, you probably would’ve heard a huge rant of how A Static Lullaby is trying to be something they’re not- mainstream (like it was a bad thing). Now that I’m a lot more open minded, I can honestly tell you that they’ve really earned everything they’ve worked towards: a good label, an awesome promoter, and an enormous fan base. They’ve figured out what it takes to make it in the music industry. The great vocals and talented instrumentals complement each other to create their newest album Rattlesnake!

Like any other band of males, pictures of a naked lady sounded like a good idea in the creation of their cover book, but don’t be quick to buy the album just for that! Rattlesnake! is full of surprises, including their final track, a cover by one of the most famous pop singers, for music and scandals! But I’m not going to ruin this one for you, you’ll have to figure out this cover song for yourself.

Their best track was by far “Mourning Would Come.” The instrumentals in this song slowly fade in with a guitar riff echoed by the drums, then turns into seizure music in a split second. I was slightly disappointed with “Aller Au Diable,” French for “Go to the devil,” because their lyrics weren’t French at all. It was quite misleading. My advice for the band would to become bilingual. I was really hoping to hear some “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?” Regardless, they did a great job giving each of their songs a unique sound; the CD was consistently amazing!

I’m highly impressed with this album. HIGHLY impressed. It’s so good I refused to use headphones when reviewing it in the middle of Starbucks. Buy this album!!!

-Damara Kautz