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Alright now, it’s time to wrap up this whole sparkly, bloody franchise that is the Twilight Saga.  But first, we gotta marathon this shiz.  Yep, that’s right folks – 14 hours of rainy, teenage romance.  All the blood, all the sweat, all those repressed feelings that teenage vampires & werewolves have; broken out in this bloodbath of a conclusion.

Harkins Theatres will be hosting an all-day Twi-hard dream on Thursday, November 15th.  You’ll have three options here:

For the cheapskates who only wanna cough up the price of a regular ticket, you can see the finale, Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, at Harkins Chino Hills 18 & Moreno Valley 16, beginning at 10pm.

Those of you who’d like to cough up just a bit more & see both of the Breaking Dawns at once can make this happen at “Double Dawn” beginning at 7pm at either theatre.  You can get those tickets now at www.harkinstheatres.com or at the box office for just $15.

The serious Twi-hards can get their full geek on by heading over at 10:45 in the morning (although, you might wanna get there a bit earlier) to witness the full sparkle.  Tickets are $30 for this one.  All four previous Twilight Saga films will be playing, leading up to the big bada-boom, Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, again, premiering at 10pm.

Full-day marathoners will receive, along with tickets to all 5 movies (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, & Breaking Dawn Pt. 2):

·       Special exclusive content created for the fans that can only be seen during the marathon

·       Breaking Dawn 44 oz. collector cup

·       Two FREE small popcorns (to be enjoyed the day of the event)

·       One FREE 2013 Loyalty Cup (good for $1.50 refills through the end of 2013)

·       Two FREE Loyalty Cup refills (to be enjoyed the day of the event)

·       Commemorative Twilight lanyard

·       Harkins Goodie Bag

Tickets are available now, so don’t miss out.  Bring your blankets, & butt cushions because this is gonna be a long one!  We’ll see you there.  [Emperor’s Note: Skyfall’s also out, let the lady and her friends go geek out at the sparkle while you go to another of Harkins’ screens and see Daniel Craig shoot something. Pew pew!]

-Cassandra Loynd