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Ladies and gentlemen, fire up your projectors, the very first Anaheim International Film Festival is about to start! 5 days, almost 100 films. The festival features an array of selections ranging from heartbreaking documentaries, trashy horror, and rollicking comedies sprinkled with a slew of shorts.

Don’t have much time? Come check out the One Minute Film Festival, a snack-sized fast paced whirlwind of entertainment. For those of you with little ones there’s a delightful children’s animation program and even old classics like Sixteen Candles you can come enjoy together as a family. Or how about Circo, where a ticket stub will get you a backstage look inside a Mexican circus? There are even a few spooky selections just in time for Halloween like Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards and Best Worst Movie– a documentary about none other than the cult horror hit Troll 2.

The festival runs from Oct. 13th-17th. For tickets and information visit www.anaheimfilm.org.