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In a world full of emo ballads and the same heavy guitar riffs, it is surprising today’s youth even know there exists other instruments out there beyond guitar-bass-drums, without being deemed the typical “band nerd”. The Legacy of Luna’s music revitalizes this so-called band nerd and even makes him somewhat hip. With catchy piano hooks, smooth violin accompaniment, bumpin’ saxophone licks, and even a theremin to boot, these guys are like a breath of fresh air in a music era where originality seems a lost art.
With ex-band members of Two-Bit Charlie and Reel Big Fish’s Scott Klopfenstein’s alter ego band, The Littlest Man Band, these guys put a new spin on indie rock by actually making music. Not to mention, they like to have fun while they do it.

Racket: If aliens came from outer space, and you had to demonstrate your sound to them, how would you describe it?
Legacy: I’d be so amazed I was talking to aliens, I wouldn’t be able to think. But I guess, after that initial shock, we would have to say our sound is very poppy, but kind of rock-y. It’s been classified as “orchestrated indie-pop.” But we’re definitely open to new things.

Racket: What are your influences? Is that reflected in your music?
Legacy: Too many to name. The Doors, Modest Mouse, Weezer, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, Rilo Kiley, The Faint, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, and Aesop Rock just to start off. We all have pretty eclectic taste, and it isn’t always reflected in our music, but it’s detectable that no doubt these artists affected us. We try to stay original. So, to answer your question, I’d say, sometimes, but not always, but sometimes.

Racket: If you could make everyone listen to one song, what would it be and why?
Legacy: Love is the Need of Love Today by Stevie Wonder. Don’t fucking ask the reason. Everyone: just go listen to it.

Racket: What do you think of the Michael Jackson verdict?
Legacy: The man made Thriller. That’s all I have to say.

Racket: What was the worst show you’ve ever played?
Legacy: Most of them. I don’t know. We always try to do better than the last; I think we’re doing pretty good, but as a band you’re always gonna have off moments.

Racket: Who is Luna and why does he have a legacy?
Legacy: Luna is a nickname we gave our friend, and then we started calling his grandpa Luna, and then we started calling the whole family Luna. It eventually became a family saga, and then we decided, “gosh, what a great name for a band.”

Racket: Did you know that The Legacy of Luna is a book by Julia Hill?
Legacy: Really? Ok, well that’s a cooler reason. Put that in there.

Racket: Do you guys have day jobs?
Legacy: Everybody but our bassist, John, does. We all work in the “restaurant industry.” Basically, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Subway, all the essentials. And Tony is a waitress at Red Devil Pizza Place. I find it kind of revolutionary. Before me, there was no male server at this restaurant. I’m kind of like Rosa Parks.

Racket: What was the shittiest job you’ve ever had?
Legacy: Krispy Kreme in Newport Beach. I worked there for 3 days because the smell of donuts made me sick, and I didn’t want to quit since it had only been 3 days, so Tony called my manager pretending to be my dad and told them I ran away. True story. The Box Factory also sucked.

Racket: Is that a restaurant? A club?
Legacy: No. It’s an actual factory. That makes boxes. Yeah, it was pretty shitty.

Racket: If you could take one CD with you on a deserted island, what would it be?
Legacy: What generation are we living in that we only have the option of one CD? I would bring a data CD titled the “Ultimate Mix,” because then I could have a lot of music. Or I’d bring my iPod.

Racket: But what if it was a natural disaster and you didn’t have time to burn an ultimate mix CD?
Legacy: Ok. Fine. In that case, I would take the Best of Otis Redding because it would showcase all the best, hence the name.

Racket: Ever thought about adding another instrument to this array you got goin on here? An accordion, perhaps?
Legacy: Yes and yes.

Racket: What do you think about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ engagement?
Legacy: They’re going out? I think Batman is one of the greatest movies ever. She looked good in the movie; she also looked good in the movie where she was naked, but I forgot the title of that one. Sorry, what was the question again?

Racket: You guys recently opened for Architecture in Helsinki at the Glasshouse. How was that?
Legacy: It was amazing. It was really cool to open for a band we truly admire, and of course, the Glasshouse is a venue we all grew up with and experienced our first shows at, so being able to play there was truly incredible. I’d say it was almost as good as Batman.

Racket: Who usually writes the songs? Or is it more of a collaborative jam session?
Legacy: Generally our keyboardist and our singer come up with the main idea and the lyrics and then we all collectively elaborate from that.

Racket: Since you guys have a saxophone player, who would you say is the better saxophonist? Charlie Parker or Sonny Rollins?
Legacy: I’ve never even heard of the second guy. Charlie Parker, by far.

Racket: Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff?
Legacy: Lohan from Mean Girls. Definitely. I mean, I think Hilary Duff is cute, but Lindsay Lohan all the way. But actually I really love Stacy Dupree from Eisley. I know that’s not an option, but that band is phenomenal and I like to drop her name whenever I can.

Racket: I agree. That band is great. Did you get to see them when they played the Glasshouse?
Legacy: Yeah, actually. And I got to talk to the band for a while, too. It was awesome.

Racket: All but one of you guys live together. How is it actually living with the other band members?
Legacy: It sucks. We hate each other. Just kidding, of course. It’s pretty cool actually. We all get along and it makes it easy for when we need to practice.

Racket: What’s next for the Legacy of Luna?
Legacy: July 7, we play the Glasshouse with Scout Niblett and Odelia. And also in July, we are recording our first full-length album, so be sure to check that out. Basically, keeping busy, playing music, doing what we love for the people that love to listen to us.

Racket: And finally, my good friend would like to know if you would pee in her butt, please.
Legacy: Yes. Yes, we will.

By Angela Wolf