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Racket Aaron: So how’re you doing?
Blood Brothers Cody: I’m doing fine, just here in uh, Tempe, about to play a show
RA: So how’re you liking the weather?
BBC: Um, it’s okay. Tempes’ fine, its not blistering hot or anything.

RA: Quick question on every ones mind; who gets the most groupies?
BBC: No one in the band gets groupies.
RA: Lame, why not?
BBC: It’s not the kind of band we are. We don’t really hang out with
people who wanna hang out with us just because we’re in a band.

RA: Hm. Ever shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die?
BBC: *laughs* Hmm…No, but I’ve thought about it. (Editor’s Note: No he hasn’t. – RacketBoss) *laughs*
RA: What about a child?
BBC: No, never. (Editor’s Note: Yes, he has. – RacketBoss)

RA: What’s with all the animal references, like Peacocks, ponies, and

BBC: That’s just how Jordan and Johnny write things. They like to use
animals as metaphorical imagery. I don’t know. *laughs* (Editor’s Note: Weirdos. – RacketBoss)

RA: So I’m curious, now that you guys are on V2 right?
BBC: Yup, v2.
RA: Now that you guys are on a major-ish label, do you ever just get
bored on the bus and have money fights?
BBC: *laughs* Money fights?
RA: Yeah. Do you guys ever just kinda get bored, say fuck it,
and whip 20s at each other?

BBC: Um, no, we don’t have money fights. We really don’t have much
money or anything.

RA: Bum fights, or Jackass?
BBC: I think both are pretty fucking lame *laughs*

RA: Do you have another job outside of the Blood Brothers?
BBC: No, the bands pretty much full time for me.
RA: So where’s this album gonna take you?
BBC: Um, were going to have a US tour, and then tour Europe as well.
RA: Do the chicks in England have pretty fucked up teeth?
BBC: Um…*laughs* Their teeth? I haven’t actually checked.

RA: Why so much screaming? Do you guys hate eardrums?
BBC: *chuckles* No, that’s just what we’ve always done. We liked
abrasive music as kids, and really it’s just something that
we have always done.

RA: What was your brother Rocky–fuck, I don’t know how to say your
guys last name.

BBC: Votolato *said voto-lotto*
RA: There’s a big difference in the music you guys produce.
BBC: He and I play together all the time.

RA: Here’s your one big chance. Would you like to start a feud with any band?
BBC: Start a feud? *laughs*
RA: Yeah, start a feud.
BBC: I wouldn’t even know who we would–
RA: I suggest Hawthorne Heights. They’re a bunch of pussies.
BBC: Hawthorne Heights? *Laughs* I’m sure they’re nice guys. Besides
I’m pretty sure they could beat us up. (Editor’s Note: No they couldn’t. – RacketBoss)
RA: What about Saves the Day then? The singer looks sickly.
BBC: They’re a bunch of sweet guys, and I’m pretty sure they could
beat us up too. (Editor’s Note: Then start working out. – RacketBoss)

RA: Alright. Fair enough. Do you have any questions for me?
BBC: No! *laughs* You’re the interviewer, not me!
RA: I just though maybe you’d like to turn the tables.
BBC: No.

RA: Alright, well, you seem like a nice guy, so…say something
nice about George W. Bush

BBC: Um….*laughs* He um…he has a nice hair line.
RA: Alright, I’m out of questions…anything left to say?
BBC: Um…no. Well…*laughs* Thanks for reading, everybody.

-Aaron "Latino Heat" Hale