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Henry And Glenn Forever
Igloo Tornado
Cantankerous Titles

A visual representation of a fantasy held by gay punks and queer-bashing (and probably queer themselves) conservatives alike, Henry and Glenn Forever show “how it could have been,” should two of the punk scene’s most muscle-y (read: cuddly) frontmen have opened their beefy hearts to each other. Igloo Tornado, the artist collective with a band name better than most band names, bring you a variety of sketches, awkward moments and super-cutesy imagery featuring these two lunkheads.

It doesn’t hurt that Hall & Oates are represented as Satanic neighbors who are implicated in the kidnapping of the titular couple’s missing dog.

Knowing Glenn Danzig’s reputation for taking himself seriously, it’s amazing that Igloo Tornado wasn’t destroyed in a testosterone fueled shit-storm of blackness and despair. Alas, even if they were, this testament to slash fiction will survive. I hope this shit makes it’s way into the Library of Congress.

-Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost