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060228-letterman-top10-peter-griffin-video.jpgWell, on top of all of our pessimistic views on music, and our often irreverent, though sometime enlightening interviews, we here at Racket want to continue branching out, offering each of our writers to select their top ten whatever and present it to the world. I will start us off:

Top Ten Reasons to Have Top Ten Lists
10. Ten’s a nice, metric number
9. If they’re good enough for Letterman, they’re good enough for me.
8. You don’t have to use real paragraphs.
7. Just because.
6. They are great filler.
5. We are not actually that creative.
4. Why not?
3. Gives us a reason to put up funny pictures.
2. Everyone else does and we felt left out.
1. They can be done in less than two minutes. Like this one.

— Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost