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170028aThe warped tour hits California this weekend and yours truly has comprised a list of some bands you should check out. In an age where listicles have become the norm I try to avoid them but sometimes you just gotta give the people what they want. Ideally I should be at the Ventura date so if you’re there you’ll find me checking out these artists, unless there is a conflict going on. In that case you’ll see me pulling my hair out in front of the guy selling overpriced lemonade.

1. Saves the Day: They’ve been around for over 15 years and they’re back on the warped tour. A bit odd given the shift in demographics but I’m not complaining. One of my favorite warped tour experiences was seeing saves the day for the first time in 2006. Chris Conley was sporting pink hair at the time and I had just been introduced to the band via In reverie about 2 years before. This was a defining moment in my life and despite only witnessing the band for a short 25 minutes my life was changed from that point on and I became a life long fan.

2. Mixtapes: this Midwestern quartet is a band that I’ve found out more recently. Some fresh pop punk with dual vocals? Sign me up! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen mixtapes but every time I’ve seen them they’ve killed it. The best part of their set might be the banter. Bringing some much needed laughs to the warped tour crowd.

3. MC Chris: one of the premier nerdcore hip hop artists today second only to perhaps MC Lars. The man who coined the song Fett’s Vette. How could one pass up his set? MC Chris is an artist I have yet to actually see, the one time I had a chance a family emergency came up. So of all the artists playing he is high up on my list.

4. Bayside: ┬áTheir new record “Cult” came out earlier this year and it’s amazing. The band has a fantastic live show, killing it every time I’ve seen them. I don’t think there is much more I could say about this band. Just go watch them.

5. Teenage Bottlerocket: one of the best pop punk bands around and definitely one of the most energetic. This band can crank out the jams one after another that not even a short set can hinder them. Every record they’ve put out is great and their drummers ability to shout “1-2-3-Go!” Is unparalleled. Don’t miss these guys unless you hate fun.