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lucky.jpgThe Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style
Kim France and Andrea Linett
Penguin Group
10/10 Frilly, fancy, and fabulous points
(5/10 serious ones)

I interrupt your regularly scheduled metal and mayhem to bring you something strange and foreign- fashion! Fabulous!

Firstly, I must offer you my apologies and admit something- I wasn’t thinking of our readers when I first saw this gem in Lucky magazine. I was thinking of me me me, and how my most guilty pleasure in life is thumbing through pages of iconic styles and beautiful clothes I feel that I can never own. I picture myself draped in amazing outfits, turning heads wherever I go, making people beg the question “Who IS she?” I’ve always fancied being a jet-setter someday, running a business, and looking fabulous whilst doing so.

This is something boys will never understand. Boys don’t lust after shoes unless they perform an essential function- hiking, running, kicking-in-the-face. Boys don’t dream of what they’ll wear to a gala they’ll never attend. Thusly, boys, this is not for you. Move along, go find the latest on Cannibal Corpse or the Military History channel. (ooh, sorry for the stereotype, you can stay if you want!).

I’ve had a subscription to Lucky magazine for 4 years, since I mistakenly picked it up thinking it was Cosmopolitan (haha, a joke you’ll never understand). As I previously mentioned, it’s an extreme guilty pleasure of mine. I even make use of the stickers the editor graciously put in the magazine to flag down items I MUST HAVE. And so, when I saw The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style in one of the recent issues of Lucky, I had to have it (way to abuse the press privilege).

I must say it was everything I expected and nothing less. Great looking clothes, beautiful women wearing them, and little tidbits on how to dress up in one of ten “iconic” styles (I think the word “iconic” is arguable, but the styles certainly stick out in every era since their creation). The book is not a life-changing experience, but it certainly has added to my lust to dress myself in the finest of fashions and develop an iconic style of my own.

Someday, Caitlin, someday. As for now, I get to spend my days saving for those Christian Louboutin heels I pine for from this quaint little book. In fact, I think I’ll go page through it again.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled metal. Rock on.

–Caitlin Elgin