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Epitaph Records


The first track off this record is without a doubt one of the strongest starting tracks of a record I have heard. “Memories” leads Hurley into a succession of solid songs. It has that classic Weezer sound that we know and love, yet this one goes beyond that. There is another layer that is more melodic and before I knew it I was singing along, even before I was one hundred percent sure of the words.

I’m not gonna say this record is perfect, cuz it’s not. It has its weaknesses heading into “Where’s My Sex?” & “Run Away,” the fifth and sixth tracks . I worried they had shot their load too soon but I was wrong. “Hang On” kicked in and I knew that they had definitely done it right.

It mixes cheeky humour with poetic lyrics which helps make this record the best Weezer has made to date. It is the kind of record that will knock sceptical Weezer fans off their fence.

It sure as hell blew my pants off.

-Lisa Thompson