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trey-gunn-album.jpgTrey Gunn
Music for Pictures
7D Media

Take my advice- start this CD, turn off the lights, lie down, and close your eyes. This album will put you in your own action-packed movie. Each short track is like its own scene and the entire album consists of an introduction, climax, and resolution. The title for the album, Music for Pictures, is self-explanatory; the music gives you the ability to create your own story of imagery.

Trey Gunn masters a fretless guitar, fretted and fretless touch guitars, a fretless touch bass, and keyboards to make this instrumental based album his own. With the assistance of a few drummers and a female vocalist, Beth Quist, Trey Gunn set out to make one of the most interesting instrumental albums I’ve heard in a long time.

Successful in his music career, Trey Gunn has recorded and toured with King Crimson, Azam Ali, Matt Chamberlain, Tool, and many more. In addition to his eighth solo album released at the end of 2008, Gunn started teaching at Puget Sound Community School in Seattle, WA. This guy isn’t only a brilliant musician, but he’s educated and a successful business man. He’s a legend of our time, if you ask me.

-Damara Kautz