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downerparty.jpgThe Downer Party

Ego Driven Lust Creatures
Popsmear records

Given the brevity of The Downer Party’s EP “Ego Driven Lust Creatures”, I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever in abandoning all hopes of presenting you, the reader, with a lengthy, verbose, eloquent detailing of what is quite frankly, a slightly above average group of songs.

First, the positives! Yes, it isn’t anything groundbreaking. It isn’t anything hugely inventive or subversive. But what we DO have is a collection of catchy, sugary, punk songs styled in the vein of bands such as The Grates, Be Your Own Pet, and a little bit of The B-52’s sprinkled in for good measure.

But now, the cons. Honestly, the songs are fairly decent, but they lack enough originality to distinguish the band in the long run. The bratty female vocals, the riffing guitar, the banging drums; they’ve all been done before, and in ways that left room for development and innovation. If nothing else, pick it up for a casual listen, but don’t expect a religious experience.

–Rick Hermansen